Monday, February 11, 2013

Soap Party..

The Soap Party was such a blast, and all those butterflies in my belly didn't last long.  We all enjoyed our time, and I just might be up for another get together real soon!
Here are a couple of pics....I'll narrate some of the happenings. Hold on to your hats...

This is Mr. Homey! (AKA Gilbert) He was a barrel of laughs. He didn't think handmade soap was meant for men. He thought men should wash with Irish Spring or with rocks! What a character I say! But I can gladly say, his tune changed at the end of the event and I will be making a soap inspired by him, I am thinking of making it look like rocks.  I think he will get a kick out of that.  Might I add, his wife had no problem finding something she will enjoy.  Looking forward to seeing them soon.

Aww. Here I am packaging soap for an excited customer.  

Here, I am with some lovely young girls. They loved the cupcake soap, noses all over the frosting. You'll see as you scroll down. Very helpful girls........Love them! Should I ever open a shop, I definitely know who I will be hiring! 

Cupcake sniffer, call the police! If I only had a dollar for every time these were picked up and sniffed.

Here is my beautiful niece. She fell in love with these. It's nice to be able to love cupcakes and not worry about the calories.  I had these in the bathrooms for sampling.  It was so fun to have the folks wash with these.

My muscle man nephew!  You see, rings aren't the only things that get reactions like these!   She really did like the soap too. This girl is such a sweetheart.

A cake soap! Isn't my niece a doll! I think she will be my soap model.

Sunset soap. 

My sister- in-law's favorite.  Go Get Em soap.

Ah, Mr. Homey again.  We started with a pic of him, so I thought we would end with a pic of him.  

Well there you have it.  Wish you could have been there!

Till next time! 

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