Thursday, November 13, 2014

Thoughtful Thursday...Recharge, Reconnect, and be Revived

Hi Friends!
Have you ever felt that you needed some recharging? How about to be reconnected with something that you love? Or even yet you felt so out of touch or down that you wanted to be revived
Well my friends, that is me! Yes, to it all!
I have been so very busy and so many things have been going on and if you have been reading my post you know that our household is pretty busy!
No complaining, really! I am truly grateful for my situation!
Listen all those things that I needed, I have been filled and blessed and I am looking forward to more of that beautiful blessing that I have been receiving! 
In the midst of busy schedules and work, we have been attending a week of prayer and it has been such a blessing!

This was tonight's topic! Boy, I have been loving it!
Recharging doesn't always mean doing nothing, or vacationing, but it also means fellowshipping with like minded individuals learning about the condition of our hearts and that Jesus is the answer.

Love you all!

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