Saturday, February 9, 2013

A Big Event....

Tomorrow is a big event for me......  It's my first soap party.  I am so excited! (I will try to have pictures taken so that I can post them.)

I spent so much time trying to prepare for this day.  Besides preparing and packaging all the products and making sure to bring my business cards, gift bags and props, inventory sheets, calculators, an ingredients cheat sheet for me, and everything else....I just felt like I was in a whirlwind.  So, I made sure to pack everything in advance so I wouldn't FORGET anything.  As the day approached, I packed up the family for our time away and also for the soap party. We arrived at our destination, (which is 2 1/2 hours away) unpacked and as I laid on the bed to relax with the baby -  it hit me... Guess what, I FORGOT the cupcake soaps!!!!!! (The ones I spent three hours making, we won't go there with that story, at least not here! =/ )  Boy, I won't tell you how awful I felt,  I mean it was beyond awful. My hubby was willing to make the drive back home for me. (That would have been 5 hours just on the road, can you tell he loves me!?!)  I just thought that would be too much and because he is a genius, he then remembered a dear friend of ours who works in Los Angeles and happens to live a few blocks from us.  (God is great.)  Light Bulb!!!!  The plan would be that they would meet up and my hubby would hand over our keys to him. Our friend would then get the goods and bring them back with him the next day, where I would then pick the cupcakes up after dropping my hubby at the airport.  (So, happy!!!! Jumping for joy.  He came through in a major way.) Sounds pretty exciting, come on, I am a stay at home mom with five babies, it's pretty exciting stuff for me.

And so now, I got butterflies in my belly.  I went over to my sister-in-laws tonight to set up the table with some good smelling soap.  Might I add, that wasn't easy.  We will see, if I will end up switching things around.  Let's just hope and pray that all goes well tomorrow.  

Thank you all for reading about my adventure.

Love you all and good night!
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