Thursday, October 2, 2014

Thoughtful Thursdays....mad oils

I am sure a few of you out there have heard of Mad Oils and most likely are loving the products! ...Me too! If you don't know them, well let me introduce you. I think that they are fabulous! They are a fairly new company with great customer service and are continually adding to their product line.

I thought this Thoughtful Thursday, I would share them and my excitement with you.

Now, this is the second time I have ordered from them and I have always had a wonderful experience.

Here is the unboxing:

There box is so cute! It is stamped with their logo and when you open up the box, you are bound to find a treat! Do you see it there?

Look what was in my goodie bag!!!!! First thing Noah noticed were the sweets.  But, I also received a trial vial of Patchouli essential oil, beautiful blue cornflowers and a small container of Amy Winehouse Blues glitter! Even now as I type this I am wondering what I will be making with these samples!

I ordered two colorants. These are the 3 oz containers. I got Purple Haze, and Steel Works! Big plans for these colors! =)

Their fragrance oils come well packaged! That's right, Cotton Candy scent with no vanilla!!!!!!

So, there you have it! I used this scent in my bath fizzes and will be making more surprises with it.  Keep a look out!

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