Thursday, September 4, 2014

Thoughtful Thursdays....You love me, You love me not?

Hi Friends!

Today's topic will be on criticism!

I know we have all experienced it and how we have dealt with situations have most likely varied from good to bad! 

Let us remember that criticism does not have to be negative, it can also be positive.

Let's look at  positive criticism: When one can come and express themselves to us without tearing us down and encouraging us to do better. ( We all know, we are not perfect and can make plenty of mistakes, right?!) We are then left with being able to acknowledge our fault and feel as though we have an opportunity to mend and perhaps even rise above!

Let's look at negative criticism: When only demerits  and mistakes are highlighted and perhaps even false accusations are made in order to tarnish your image out of a sheer enmity.

Here is what Aristotle has to say:
"To avoid criticism
say nothing,
do nothing,
be nothing!"

So let us continue on and be positive, and pray for those who can't or won't!

Love you! xoxoxoxo
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