Friday, November 22, 2013

Nature's Garden Fragrance Haul

I am sure a lot of you soapmakers are familiar with Nature's Garden.  This was my first purchase with them and tried my best to research as much as possible.
Now, I by no means can buy large quantities of fragrance oils, so I happened to have found Nature Garden's prices reasonable with what I can afford. (Does that make sense? Biggest amount purchased is 16 oz for a bottle!)
I plan to review their fragrances, so stay posted.

My main supplier has been Brambleberry, and I love them. I was just wanting to try something new.

I will be posting a video on my youtube channel about this haul, so stay tuned for that!

So let's get started!

Now this is very cute! I have never seen this before. It's called an aroma bud, and it is scented with fragrance. Now it's cute, but I think I like the samples from Brambleberry best. I just might post a haul from Brambleberry as well.

So I ended up buying seven fragrance oils. The white and blue bottles are 8oz. and the white and green are 16oz.  I am pretty used to getting my fragrance and essential oils in amber glass bottles, so I am not sure if having them in these plastic bottles affect the oil in any way! I am hoping that someone can shed light on this for me. (oh, and for you soapmakers out there who might be reading this, what do usually do with the amber glass bottles, I am stock piling them right now!)
Here are the scents that were purchased:
Aloe Vera & Cucumber
Chai Tea
Dragon' Blood
Oatmeal Milk and Honey
Blackberry Sage
Coconut Lime Verbena
Cucumber and Melons

I am not expecting any of these to accelerate, so lets see how they soap!

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