Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Visual Inspiration

Another photograph I found provided me with yet another visual inspiration.

Here is the photo.

The color of the leaves is what really caught me and also the way the light of the sun breaking through really reminded me of God's beauty and gentleness.  That was what I wanted to capture.  The color and detail of the dress is what I am probably going to incorporate into the packaging.

There she is in the mold ready to be covered up and put into the mold.  This soap is very special, only natural colorants.  I used Kaolin clay, beet root powder, and sandalwood powder.  It was very hard for me to achieve the orange that I really desired, so I cheated just a bit and put a drop of an orange mica.  It didn't really change the color like I would have expected it to, so I decided to wait and see what the outcome would be.

As I uncovered the towels to take a look, I was so excited.  The orange I was trying to achieve popped out. Notice the difference in the pictures.  I was so happy.

And here she is, "Plumeria"  I am excited with how it turned out.  The scent, rich and clean and almost tropical.  I think the scent fits the picture wonderfully.

What do you think?

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