Friday, December 28, 2012

Sabbath Preparation....

It's coming along!  The saying that many hands make light work is absolutely true!

We are just getting the house together after just about a month.  Sad to say, but so true.  Traveling, coming home to unpack, and then to pack again to leave the next day! ( Is your head spinning like mine!?!  Remember I am packing for seven, trying to fit all into 2 suitcases at most, and that's including shoes.)  Then get this..... to come home, wash, homeschool and everything pack up one more time!  I love it, I must admit. I would take a pic of my laundry room, but I would be embarrassed and I don't want to scare you! =)

Real reason for this post, is because I need prayer.  Our household has come down with a cold and we are all trying to remain cheerful as we prepare our hearts to welcome the Sabbath!

We have all been taking some Vitamin C, some garlic pills and lemon and honey. Baby hasn't been taking the lemon and honey, he's too young still; but he's loving the Vitamin C!  =)

Please pray that we have a speedy recovery......till next time....

Love you guys

P.S.  Was able to write this post as Noah sleeps in my arms!  I feel so blessed!!!!
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