Sunday, October 21, 2012

Help set these piggies free

I think these are so cute.  I couldn't wait to make these.  This is a kit from Soapylove. That chick is awesome with her creative mind. Go and check out her site.

My daughters were all over this soap when they woke up!!!  My ten and four year old were my photographers, I think I need to take lessons from them.  Their handsome reward will be one of these soaps.  If I only knew that it took a bar of soap to get them motivated! 

The Fragrance is all about summer with these soap bars.  A cute piggy eraser is waiting in the middle as  a prize to the most squeaky clean kid.  I am almost sure that you won't have to battle with your lil one to get em' in the tub!

I will be putting these up in my Etsy shop.  Hubby thought these were cute and couldn't stop smelling them.  Who knew!  
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