Friday, July 13, 2012

Family Day @ Murray Farms

AHHHH, family days are the best!

Our family puts aside Thursday for strictly our time. The type of work my husband does, really takes a lot of our time away from one another.  He is not a doctor (he is a pastor), but he is on call 24 hrs a day.  We fell blessed that God has called him to work for Him, so in no way am I complaining.  Thursdays are set aside where we can connect as a family.  (No emails or phone calls, we screen our calls and of course if it's an emergency we are going to answer!  It's just our time!)  Where we can kick up our feet, or go visit friends or places.

This Thursday, my hubby took us to a local nursery, which I have been wanting to visit.  The flowers were just beautiful!  Their gardens were inspiring and I have fallen in love with Lavender.  So look forward to some post and our experiences trying to get that started!

As we left the nursery, we headed to Murray Farms which is located in Bakersfield.  It was so much fun.  We were able to sample their fruits and as you can see the kids wanted to try on some hats and glasses! There is a lot to do there, so if you are near my neck of the woods, make sure to stop and visit.

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