Sunday, February 16, 2014

A little reminder...

Hi friends! 

Just wanted to give you a little reminder what this blog is all about.  I want to first apologize for not being consistent with my blogging, but life does happen for me too. My first priority is making sure that I am connected with God and then all else follows, and I am sure you all understand, that sometimes our schedules have to shift a little.

So, what's the reminder about?
The reminder is really for me. I have been struggling with what to post on here! Should my content be specific to my business?  Perhaps, I can just right about my family life or my faith. After all, there would be no Five Golden Apples without God or my babies!

With that in mind, there is a lot to me.( Does that make sense!?!)
I am more than just a soap maker and after all this is my forum. So, why not share me.
(Am, I ranting?) 
Anywho, when you come here, you will read about things that I love. 
What does this entail?
1) I love God, so you will find some encouraging scriptures or testimonies! Perhaps a profound study.
2) I love my family, so you will find some tidbits about those who I adore.
3) I love soap making. So, you will find that here too.
4) I love eating and making food, so you will find my favorite nom nom recipes.
5) I love exercising because I love eating! (lol) So, you will find what might be helping me out at the moment.
6) I love learning new things, and I will share what I learn here.
7) I love trying out new things. I am a DIYer at heart, so you will read about that here too.
8) Organizing, Oh boy, that's me too!
9) Pretty things.... 

So you will find a bit of everything on here.

My hope, is that you will enjoy what's here! 


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