Thursday, August 1, 2013

An Upgraded Mac and a Crucial Haul

That's exactly what I got! An upgraded Mac, thanks to my precious hubby.
I have had my 13" Macbook pro since 2009.  I only had 2GB on it, thinking that would do me plenty. But, now with the soaping business and the Youtube Videos and all the photos, I found myself running out of space and a computer that would beach ball all the time.

I know you Mac users are familiar with this.

But how about this pop up?

I was seeing this everytime I opened up my computer, and then I finally had 0 size free on my hard drive. The only 0 size I want to see is on my clothes tag! lol But then again, maybe not!

So, instead of purchasing a new computer, my hubby just researched how we can upgrade it and did the work on his own.

Here is the visual!!!!!

There's my Mac it had been trying to open up Parallels for like 15 minutes. No JOOKE!!!! =/ 
But, now, its a snap of a finger. Now I have 8 GB and a 1TB Startup Disk!!! Woohoo!!!!

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