Sunday, July 7, 2013

4th of July Posting...a bit late!!!!

Our 4th of July was spent staying local, like home and at the park not too far away; Cub lake to be exact which is probably a mile away.
It was very nice, I met some very nice people.

The weather was so nice. We had a constant breeze!

I had the lovely pleasure of meeting Suzie Estes. She has such a lovely eye for repurposing. I am planning on doing an interview, so that you can all get to meet her. I walked out of here with a few keychains and a cute bag!

My girls, just loved all the girly headband, I did too!!!

There was so much to see!

These were soo cute! 

I also had the pleasure of meeting Evelyn from My Life Photography and Adore Moore! I must say, she takes the cutest pictures. I think I am going to have to ask her for some tips.

I had a great time chatting with her and she is soo sweet.

These dressed are from Mia Belle. They are so cute. I wanted to purchase quite a few of these.
If you would like to have more info on these dresses. You can visit the designers Etsy shop, Mia Belle

Petting zoo!

My two boys enjoyed watching these!

Hope you guys enjoyed your 4th of July as well.
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