Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Snake in the house......again!

Yes, that is right! Another snake in the house again!
If you know me, I am not too fond of these creatures, although I must admit they are beautiful. I believe my phobia stems from a mean childhood prank.  But, I thank God that I am slowly getting better about it.
Anyhow, this unwanted visitor made its way inside, just when my two strong men were not home. The snake had made it to the main bathroom.

Ok, I know it really wasn't big. Here is a tossed toilet paper roll so that you can see the size! So what did I do....!

I tossed the cat in there to try to scare it away.  Did it work? No!!! I must say, the snake did leave this pungent aroma behind, it was truly....yucky, for lack of a better term!

So, what happened to this beautiful snake, it made its way to an escape, before my knight was able to save the day!

I think we need a better screen door!

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