Friday, June 14, 2013


Organization....Its getting there, I hope!!

Before I begin, I just need to thank Nikki, for this! Catch her on Youtube! I linked her below! 

I didn't know how dirty things would get before everything had a right place to be in. NO photos of the demolition going on here at home! I thought a binder with proper note taking and some scheduling would be all, but I have been purging! But, I really must admit, even though the house is turned upside down because I have managed not to stick to one bad, I am so excited about it all! I already feel some sort of accomplishment. I am definitely considering taking some before and afters, it just might encourage you! I think Home Depot, just might be added to my Summer bucket list! (Squeal!!!!)

So, I rambled on, and this was just suppose to be a post about the beginning of my organization project!
So, lets get to it!

The binders and planners:

This is a Day Timer! Oh Filofax you are out of my reach! (Should anyone want to be loving, I will gladly accept a Filofax as a gift!) Now, my Day Timer is doing just fine! You are also seeing a Business Card Holder!!!! Both purchased from Staples.
My Day Timer has the Martha Stewart Calender inside, and I am loving it. I just might post the contents and how it all works for me.

I use my business card holder to hold: gift cards, reward cards and medical cards! My wallet is now a lot lighter and all those cards are well organized.  I placed tags to divide each section, and cards are now placed alphabetically!

Here is the Martha Stewart Binders. Although, this is a beautiful vibrant color, I would definitely purchase the darker colors. This one seems to just pick everything up. It's seems to be a dust magnet for me.

I will be using this particular binder for important documents! 
The small spiral notebook will be used for all my logins! You see I have different login for different sites and my hubby can't keep up with them. So, I will be adding divider tabs to this as well and sorting them all out for my sugar bear! 

Inside of my binder, before everything goes into it!
So exciting!
Fresh and Clean Starts!!!!!!!!!

Youtube is so educational! Go check out Nikki! She is Fabulous and yes with a capital F! She will motivate you too!

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