Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Organization is the Name of the Game

Organization, we all need it. I am about to do this people! 

So here is the dealio:
  1. Wife of a Pastor, and I just so happen to be the church clerk.
  2. Mommy of five who homeschools.  My little one is still in diapers and breastfeeds.
  3. I run the home, meaning I keep the books, cleaning, cooking, and all that good stuff.
  4. Attempting to do my garden again, but I am sooo late, soooo late.
  5. Trying to run my own business.
  6. And trying to be healthy and exercise.
I am not complaining, just stating why I need better organization.
The apps on my phone are great, but I find myself jotting everything down and then transferring info over to my iphone.  Now, don't get me wrong the apps are wonderful and I will still continue to use some of them! But, I am in the market for a beautiful, girly, personalized planner so that I can manage myself a bit better. =)

Now, the research has been done, and Filofax is nice but not quite in my budget for the one I like.

So, watch out Martha Stewart, here I come. (Can't help but to giggle!)

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