Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Throw your hands up in the air....

My hands have been thrown up in the air!
My computer has been acting up for awhile, so to the Genius Bar it has gone! We spent the whole day at the mall, no complaining there, while my laptop was being checked out.  The prognosis is it needs to be shipped out and repaired! :/
There will be no editing of videos, no soaping software, and yada yada yada! 
I can't believe how dependent I am. 

Soap making, so glad I printed out my recipes  and have my soap app from Bramble Berry! Wooo hoo! So, I decided to make my 4th of July seemed like everything went wrong.
Very long prep time, color was not what I wanted, my ipad stopped recording because there was not enough room, the soap started to accelerate very quickly and in turn the soap's outcome was not what I wanted. Honestly, it made me laugh and smile. Why, you ask? Because, if all could have been recorded, I promise you it would have looked like an, I Love Lucy show!
So, in all things, there is always joy!

Miss my laptop and hope to get it soon!
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