Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Mini Vacation....

Hi everyone!
So, my family and I went on a small hiatus, it really was much needed.  It's a shame that, it is so difficult for me to let my mind just unwind! We are now back to the grind and reality! I will be posting pics soon of our time off!
Weather was beautiful and warm and the fellowship was sweet and not to mention quite entertaining. Our friend Laurie is quite the firecracker. Her antics and company did keep smiles on our faces and who need to do sit ups when she's around! =)

On to another subject, I totally missed washing up with my soap.  It was something that I had forgotten to pack, can you believe it.  So , I had to use what was available to me.  I won't give the brand of the soap that I used. It was a liquid wash that was suppose to be moisturizing. It's consistency was that of lotion. I did not feel clean and my skin really felt like it was just thick. So, of course after getting home, I had to jump in the shower.  Oh, how I missed my soap.  It is amazing how you can tell the difference on your skin. Now, this is just my opinion!

Here is what I washed with!

It is for sale! You can go to my Etsy shop! =)

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