Wednesday, June 27, 2012

No Fry July......

Well, I have been so determined to get my workouts in! I just am not so good at getting my eating habits together! I really love me some food! (=p) I'm sure some of you out there understand where I am coming from. Water intake is also difficult for me, but I am determined to start. So let me get to the point here... drum roll please....
A better eating habit for the month of July. Hence, No Fry July! I figured since I am working out, it's best that I make better choices in my dietary selection. (waaaaaaa!!!)

So who out there wants to join?

Here is what I am planning on doing:
no frying
cutting out all junk
watching my portions
drinking lots of water
eating more raw.

Hoping to lose at least five pounds this month and some inches.

I'll try to post recipes and pictures of my menu and if you have any ideas please post them as well!

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