Friday, June 22, 2012

Baby Food Maker


I am so excited about using my "Baby Brezza"! A gift from my baby shower that is very much appreciated, "Thank you Sister Distan".

So here is the lowdown....I love it!!!!! It really is so simple and saves lots of time! All I had to do was wash the fruit, pears in this case, peel the skin and cut the pears into 1/4 in pieces. I used 2 pears in this recipe and set it to steam for 10 minutes and walked away.

Those small containers that you see in the photo are the "Baby Brezza Storage Containers". Each container holds 2 2/3 oz. Two pears made 3 1/2 containers worth of baby food, not bad. What do you think?

If you have a Baby Brezza let me know how it has been working for you. I would like any helpful tips you might have.

You can check out there website to see all their other products!

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